Reason – Better Dayz

Reason Better Dayz Mp3 Download Musical Artist & Songwriter Reason Released a new song to serve fans and this hot song is labelled ‘Better DayzReason is on Fire And Not Cooling Down Anytime Sooner.

Reason Better Dayz Mp3 Download

Reason Better Dayz Mp3 Download

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Download Reason – Better Dayz Mp3

Reason Better Dayz Lyrics

[Intro] Some soul shit, yeah

[Hook] A lot of niggas pray for whips while hoping to get their cheddar raised
I’m just praying for better days
They hit the block with Glocks and let berettas spray
Damn, I’m just praying for better days


[Verse 1] My older cousin been dabblin’ in cocaine sniffin’
Love him to death but feeling like I can’t hang with him
Went to Atlanta to hopefully get some change with him
Woke up the next morning, the nigga chain missing
Noel, pray for his safety but hardly miss him
Shame that when I make it we can’t be Bacardi sippin’
‘Cause the drugs got that nigga living with a foggy vision
And I’m tryna make a living with mics like Scottie Pippen
So many friends that I’m starting to lose
Prayin’ my crew don’t become a party of two
Progression seem tight but like gears on a bike
Boy when you switch up that’s when it’s hardest to move
‘Cause niggas clown drake for being so sentimental
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